Thursday, January 11, 2018

Day 12 of 40 Days of Prayer: Be Controlled By the Spirit

Perhaps the primary indicator of a mature walk of faith is the evidence shown by a life under the control of the Spirit of God.  This evidence may manifest itself in numerous ways: an even temperament, careful and thoughtful speech, clear thinking, and the absence of unfounded fears to name a few. 

In our spiritual wrestling, we lose battles when we are controlled by our appetites, selfish desires and sinful passions.  God calls us to resist being led by our flesh and to submit instead to the control and leading of His Spirit. Romans 8:5 warns that only living by the Spirit allows us to think on the things of the Spirit, which in turn influences what we consider praying for.  If my mind is on fleshly things, I will pray selfishly, with goals fixed on answers that satisfy my temporal longings. 

If my mind is Spirit controlled, my thoughts will also be spiritual and my prayer focus as well.

Let us resist our flesh and submit to God’s Spirit so that our petitions might reflect God’s Kingdom agenda that will surely be heard and have eternal impact. 

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