Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Almost Tripped

There are times when less than favorable days and the evil in the world really get to me. I ask the Lord hard questions and silently sulk in hidden places where no one can see my frustration when I don’t get an answer that satisfies my curiosity. Sometimes, the level of frustration can reach such a height that I’m tempted to become cynical and negative in my dealings and daily walk. It seems at it is at those times when I’m right on the brink of teetering into spiritually dangerous territory that the Lord directs my eyes to a passage, a note or a friend who realigns my mindset and gets me back on the path of faithful living. I experienced just such an encounter today as I “stumbled” across Psalm 73. The Psalmist is overwhelmed by evil people seeming to live without trouble and makes his complaint known to those who will listen. He is so driven to despair that he almost abandons the way of righteousness until he encounters the Lord in the quietness of the sanctuary. There in his time with God he found perspective, rekindled his faith, and was empowered to press on with hope for the future. The Lord is always extending invitations to us to spend time with him so that we can maintain perspective. “Be still and know that I am God.” “Turn to the Lord while He may be found.” “Stop worrying and pray about everything.” When I took the time to take my focus off of the problems that bothered me and began to actually “ingest” the medicine I frequently dispense to others in time of trouble by taking time to spend alone with God, I myself was comforted, refreshed and emboldened in my walk of faith. The world is a dangerous, wicked and disappointing place and has been since the Fall. Nevertheless, I encourage you to not be swallowed by your circumstances, but rather to carve out some time to just be with God and to allow His comfort and love to give you perspective beyond your situation. More than that, once you gain His perspective, allow His grace, mercy and peace to clothe you with a godly boldness to face the challenges of the day with, confidence, peace and courage. Don’t let your problems trip you up. Allow godly hope to lift you up and to bring hope and encouragement to all those you encounter in your journey of faith!