Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day Salute

I talk quite a bit about my father, but if I am anything, I am all that I am because of Georgia Jackson. She was a true Renaissance Woman (a leader, amazing track athlete, lover of language and lover of God) who poured her life into me, sacrificing her own goals in the process. She taught me how to read by the time I was 3 and, poured the foundation for my writing skills, which West Point fine tuned and taught a walk of faith with Jesus that was so deep and so strong that it overpowered my intense desire to be a soldier influencing me to enlist instead for eternity in the Army of the Lord. There is no instrument that can truly measure Georgia's impact on my life while she lived or measure the hole left in my heart when she departed from this world. Nevertheless, her legacy to me and my posterity remains as strong as ever, and though I miss her, like any good soldier I am able to follow her last standing orders with vigor and therefore proudly Carry On! On this Mother's Day I take great pleasure in saluting my mom, Georgia L. Jackson. Until we meet again on the other side of the veil, Happy Mother's Day Ma! Your Ponderosa, "Darrell" Samuel D. Jackson