Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why Share Painful Posts?

I've been asked why at times I post articles written from a perspective of someone who is in great emotional pain? We live and process spiritual truth through the lens of everyday realities.  The emotions expressed by someone who is hurting often ring true with me as I have witnessed the struggles of others and had struggles of my own, even within the context of Christian community.  Those who deal with struggles need to know they're not alone in dealing with their heartaches and that there are others who care.  The reality of pain does not preclude overcoming in faith,  but it is important to face painful realities and not to ignore them if one desires to experience true healing and victory.  Our seeking to understand also provides a helpful for others who don't experience such struggles but who need to be exposed to the reality others experience so that they can be agents of healing and encouragement for those that hurt.  The positives we experience and the security we possess should not disuade us from listening to the pain of others, but rather inform our understanding so that we can encourage others and give others a better opportunity to share in the victory we experience! Jesus summed it up in this directive: "Bear one another's burdens!"

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