Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Enemies Beware! Now Coming at you with Both Fists!

Women are now a part of the Ranger Legacy, adding their own legendary contributions to the great and illustrious Ranger story in the process. In an essay I wrote on the issue a few months back I stated that this school will always be tough! An example of how changes can be made while maintaining rigorous standards is seen in our militsry academies. Since the inclusion of women at the Academy,  I've yet to hear one person, male or female who attended since 1976, describe their West Point experience as "easy." Not one. Perhaps someone has, but I've never met them. I certainly wouldn't use those terms to describe my West Point experience!  This will be the case for Ranger School, BUDS training, Q course or any other elite level of military training. Some tweaking may occur for one reason or another, but any adjustments, if necessary,  will only give equal access to getting the hurt delivered in greater efficiency.  
The US military just expanded its butt kicking ability!  Enemies beware!  Drive on all y'all special warriors! May your tribe increase!

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