Saturday, August 29, 2015

The True Story of how Chuck Norris Saved My Life!

In response to a personal request,  here's the story of how Chuck Norris saved my life.  Early in our ministry work, Luz and I served in the inner city of Cleveland where we started grass roots ministries among some very hard core folks and saw some amazing life changes take place. That ministry was supported by churches from all over, including Kentucky.  A group of churches there held a conference inviting missionaries they supported to rotate with speaking duties and presentations.  Sometimes,  churches request specific speakers to visit them. I was requested by a very old and established church near Paducah, but one that had called a new pastor. When I  drove up, the pastor was waiting for me on the steps. He ran up to me and shook my hand and apologized. I asked why. He stated that he felt that the church needed some barriers broken and looking at my experience,  I was the guy to take a hold of this "Jackie Robinson" opportunity.  I asked what he meant. He stated that the church had never had a person of color enter its doors for any reason...not one! Not for repairs, work, grounds keeping,  nothing! Even by showing up, I  had come farther than any person of color ever had. I looked back at the car thinking to make a run for it but he begged me to stay. Being a glutton for punishment and always looking for the sunny side of the street, I went in. If you've ever seen the scene from Blazing Saddles where the new sheriff arrives, the atmosphere was amazingly similar.  People shaking their heads,  glaring at me and the pastor, guys pulling back their jackets and revealing dark, shiny objects! The pastor cut immediately to the chase and began to introduce me. The congregation was stirring and I was earnestly praying! It was a Saturday night and I thought to myself, "Lord give me something to break the ice.  These are Christian people! There's got to be something you can give me to connect!" Not sensing an answer, I sighed and thought,  "Man, I could be watching Walker, Texas Ranger instead of going through this mess... wait! EVERYBODY loves Chuck Norris!  I'll lead off with a Walker story! Thank you Lord!  It's worth a shot!" When I stepped up to the pulpit,  there was an audible moan. I had a strong feeling that I shouldn't delay with the Walker angle. I opened my mouth and said, "My favorite TV show is Walker, Texas Ranger!" It was as if someone had waves a magic wand! The grumbling stopped, some people smiled. I made sure that literally every illustration was a reference to Chuck Norris - literally! By the end of the service, men who had brandished their fire arms were hugging me and slapping the pastor on the back! I entered being seen as an enemy and left being loved like a brother! If I ever have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Norris, I am going to thank him for literally saving my life!  Yes Brothers and Sisters,  Chuck Norris did it again! This time, for the glory of God! 


Lovely Feet said...

Great testimony Sam. Thank you for sharing!

tedspencet said...

That's a good.