Monday, August 10, 2015

Love at First Sight

So I get asked a lot if my dad is my "real" dad and that's always been a sensitive subject for me because what I want to say is "Yes, absolutely!". We may not be blood but he is the only dad I have ever known and have ever loved. In fact, I feel like I'm a lucky girl because I got to choose my dad.

I love the story that my dad tells me of how we first met. He tells me that everyone told him to not be surprised if I don't warm up to him right away. Apparently, even then, I was always hesitant and guarded. But that wasn't how I acted. I ran to him with open arms and no hesitation. I'd like to think that was my moment of first love and whatever walls I had before just crumbled down.

In that little girl's heart, she knew that this man would be forever in her life and she was going to love him always with all her heart. I have my own family now with two special guys that I love so much. But a girl never forgets her first love. Thanks daddy for still making me feel special (like the text message I just received). I love you! 

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