Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Time For Hard Core Instruction

Earlier today, a friend expressed her horror at a proposal being made to offer explicit sexual education for children ranging from the 4th to the 8th grades in a particular US school system. Though I am a pastor and a follower of Jesus, I am not a prude and not opposed to discussing the issue of sex in a proper context. Nevertheless, it seems that we are focusing on the discussion of sex and detailed instruction about sex in inappropriate settings, in unnecessary detail, to the detriment of more appropriate and necessary subjects that need to be taught for the purpose of raising u truly educated and prepared citizens who will lead the nation and the world in the future.

If there's going to be a call for more "hard core" teaching, let it be an intensification of academics. There is a critical need for improved reading and writing skills, more challenging math and science development, and a serious upgrade of history (world and US) and geographic instruction. While understanding the need for basic reproductive education from the perspective of human biology, sexual instruction of an explicit and stylistic nature is outrageous and frankly unnecessary. My school years through the Master's level were spent focusing on education, personal development, physical fitness and spiritual growth. I married at 26 and was a virgin on my wedding night. My wife and have 4 children and still enjoy ongoing "fellowship." We figured out on our own with no manual or course curriculum what worked for us and what didn't and had fun doing it! It is NOT necessary nor proper to force those issues on our children in such explicit ways. Let the children BE children and let them enjoy their innocence while they can!  The time will come for children to explore grown up things.  In these formative years, let us help them to focus and discipline themselves for the true challenges that await them, giving them tools to navigate all of life, especially the areas that will impact their professions and vocations.  There is a time for everything, and the time for sexual exploration and discovery will eventually arrive for those who reach emotional and physical maturity, and along with that maturity, the freedom and responsibility to properly handle matters for themselves.  Now is the time for children to grow intellectually and to hit the books academically while their minds are ready and able. Let's not delay that development by sidetracking them with burdens they should not be bearing until a later stage of life. 

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