Thursday, June 18, 2015

..And what if I die in a racially charged incident?

Luz asked me what I wanted her to say if I were to be killed in a racially motivated murder. It is a question I have been pondering for years. I will share my heart with all of you, my friends. First, tell the truth. If it was hate that motivated someone to kill me, don't dress it up as something else. Call it what it is. Hate. Prejudice. Racism. Also, tell the truth about where my hope lies. I trust in Jesus Christ for my sanctification,  justification and vindication. If He allows me to die in such a situation,  He will have a purpose for it and the Gospel will be advanced somehow through it. Continue to love each other and to love others - even those who hate you. If the violent death of people who follow Jesus leads the survivors who loved them to hate in return,  the death of those living in the love of God would indeed have been in vain. So, if you hear of me dying in such a state, tell the truth, preach the Gospel and love the ones who hate. 

Your Brother and Friend,

Sam Jackson

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