Monday, June 15, 2015

Doing The Best We Can!

As I type these thoughts, I am speeding towards Manila on an Airborne jumbo jet, considering the scope of the challenges those we are seeking to help face every day.  There are frequent debates on the effectiveness and usefulness of short term missions like ours.  Such outreaches are alternately praised and criticized with some believing they are a poor use of resources, while others believe they are the best cure for lethargic, non-caring humanity.  I have heard the debates and considered the various arguments.  In the end, I can only speak for me and my household.   Through relationships and service that now span decades, Luz and I are aware of some acute needs among people we deeply care about.  We are also aware of resources, methods and pathways to help some of those people to change their situation physically, mentally and spiritually.   Can we help everyone we want to help? No. Nevertheless, we won't be held accountable for what we can't do, but what we can. So, we work, think and help to gather resources from afar and when we can, we visit partners with whom we've  committed to serve in every way possible.  Linking together geographically with those we serve and with our partners,  is mutually encouraging and strengthens our resolve to be on task for as long and as strong as we can.  Mortality being what it is, our season to serve in this way will not last forever.  Nevertheless, while we can, we will do what we can until health or death limits us. It's not everything we wish we could do, but it is our absolute best.  Thank you for praying for us as we reach out once again to the ones we love in the Philippines!  Know that your support is not in vain and that we are representing you who  have sent us and He Who has sent us with love, vigor, wisdom and strength and we're doing the absolute best that we can! Further reports forthcoming!

Your Brother in Service,
Sam Jackson

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