Saturday, July 4, 2015

America is Beautiful!

America is not flawless, but she is beautiful. I love her not because of her perfection but because she never ceases to strive towards the realization of her ideal. She is majestic and yet gritty. Regal and still down to earth.  She will fight anyone at anytime to remain independent,  yet possesses enough generosity to keep her door open for one more and is quick to adopt that one as her own.  I have experienced the best and worst America has to offer and emerge from my experience proud to be one of her sons.  It is fitting that we celebrate her birth on this day of national independence. Even understanding her imperfection, this is not the day to criticize or to lament but rather to celebrate and give thanks. We who are Americans should give thanks to be fortunate to live in a nation that seeks to uphold the most noble of human ideals. Others who are not American should celebrate with us that a friend like America exists, always ready to aid, assist and to stand with anyone who shares her ideals or desires to pursue them. In the midst of uncertain global times and an ever changing domestic cultural landscape may we all take the time to stand together, thankful for the privilege of being a part of this great experience called America, and may we commit ourselves anew to continue to devote ourselves to make her all she can and should be for the benefit and blessing of us all. Happy Birthday America! You are beautiful!
The Original Statue of Liberty Design Offered by France, showing the struggle and hope that is America!

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