Sunday, July 12, 2015

Loving Through Frustration

Today I became very, very frustrated. The duties of fatherhood, being a husband and caring for my father came crashing in with a powerful and irresistible thud! My emotions were totally on edge and I had a sit down talk with the Lord that is not postable. As I stewed, I didn't feel condemnation, but the gentle push that says, "My grace is sufficient. My love will prevail. Go visit your father - by yourself."

Having been raised and trained to do my duty, duty pushed me forward and there Dad was, taking a nap as he sat in the hallway.  My heart sank. He looked so frail. My greeting was met with an awakened Dad who smiled and enthusiastically took my had without words. It's a bit hot here, but I  felt compelled to take Dad for a walk outside. We walked in the shade and parked by a bench where we held hands and looked at each other. As we continued to look at each other, I asked him a number of questions he should have remembered which he seemed not to. A slight breakthrough came when he acknowledged a visit from our dear family friend, 1SG (RET) Bobby Warrix with a smile. We continued holding hands and I kept thinking of the great love Dad has for me and I shared my love through my touch and expression.

Out of nowhere,  a beam of light. Dad looked up and said, "This is beautiful weather we're having. It's a beautiful day. I like it here. I'm glad you're here."   Over the next 10 minutes he repeated the notice of the beauty of the day.   It was as if someone had dropped a bag of gold into my lap. I asked Dad if we could pray with him. His eyes lit up and he nodded. As I prayed through tears and weeping, Dad's face was full of joy and peace . My prayers were being answered as I uttered them. An Amen shared between us and we returned inside.  I kissed Dad and told him I love him. He responded verbally that he loved me too! A mega-blessing of a day, totally unexpected!

I share this to encourage you,  my friends,  to keep on demonstrating your love for others, even when you grow weary,  frustrated and faint of spirit.  Love is the last Victor!  1 Corinthians says that while every other gift and accolade fades, love lasts forever! Love is pretty much all Dad and I have, and it is more than enough!

Don't stop loving. Our society is filled with hate,  frustration and malice. Be stubborn. Love anyway!  There will be fruit, even if it's only produced in your own heart. Don't give up. Keep up the love and embrace the blessing that comes through sacrifice!

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