Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 4 - Mission Racine

Day 4 – Mission Racine The organization HALO describes their services to the homeless of Racine County in the following way on their web site: “The vision for HALO is that every man, woman, and child experiencing homelessness be provided food, clothing, and shelter while receiving tools and training designed to help them return to a stable living environment. Through this, we hope to help individuals experiencing homelessness become self-sufficient and to ensure the safety of homeless children through stable living and learning environments.” The “Little Platoons” of Grace Church continued on Mission today, serving the guests of HALO with heaping helpings of hospitality, love and encouragement. Church Life Groups, individuals, friends and families came together as representatives of Jesus to serve up supper, dinner music, and friendship to scores of folks. While getting acquainted with guests, it was difficult to wait for dinner as the aroma from the grill seeped into every crevice of space within 500 feet of the cooking. 3 jovial brothers in faith served up hot hamburgers and hot dogs as well as fired up conversation about the joys of breaking down walls of separation in Jesus’ name, and the satisfaction of helping churches around the city in ministering to children. The Brothers’ joy was intoxicating and I found their humor irresistible. I frequently laughed so hard from their adventure stories that I couldn’t breathe and started seeing stars! Nevertheless, beneath the fun of the stories was a serious and unshakeable commitment to be about God’s business in small tasks and great ones. I was stunned to hear that they had spent two years patiently interacting with a local church to convince them to give a dynamic children’s ministry curriculum a try – two years! The leadership of the church cautiously gave the program a try and is now well underway to revolutionizing their outreach to children – all because two burger-grilling brothers stayed on mission, saw a need and pursued it! Beyond the grill, others were inside preparing side dishes, interacting with guests, and singing heartily! Every individual helper I saw was beaming and so closely interacting with the guests that I had trouble distinguishing guests from the people on mission! Love abounded and joy was all around. It was a wonderful culmination to a week of service and a promising opening for continuing ministry opportunities that lie ahead for the people of Grace Church who are called to live every day on mission for the glory of God. See you on the field! Sam Jackson

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