Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 3 - Mission Racine

This rainy Thursday, members of the Grace Church family converged on the Hospitality Center located at Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, rolled up their sleeves and dived into numerous opportunities to serve ranging from sorting through clothes in a hot attic to preparing meals over a hot stove. Other members held babies, chatted with guests, prayed for needs, encouraged believers and shared the Gospel with others who had not heard it. The leadership and staff of the Hospitality Center were especially excited. The Grace connection there has been growing over the past few months, and today’s intensified presence of Grace family members is a sharp contrast to the “one and done” philosophy that can sometimes characterize those who participate in the center’s ministry. The Hospitiality Center is committed to reaching those who have “fallen through the cracks” of other sources of assistance and welcomes the help from brothers and sisters in Christ from around the city. Grace Church is making our presence known at exactly the right time and is filling a significant void in ministering to those who have needs that don’t quite fit other sources of assistance! The Grace Church contingent who represented our Family of faith were youthful and seasoned, male and female, and from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Their service provided a wonderful display of the power of the Gospel to unify, mobilize and bless others to the glory of God! After today’s ministry, the guests and staff of the Hospitiality Center look forward to meeting more of the Grace Church family. I look forward to the opportunities we will have to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with even more people through this ministry! What a great day for the Lord and what great opportunties lie ahead for us to share the Good News and to love our neighbors in Jesus’ Name! Joyfully pressing on, Sam

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