Sunday, February 5, 2017

Every American

My fellow Americans. There is something done in private that is softer than a bullhorn, less noticeable than a protest March, yet more potent and effective than a Molotov Cocktail.  What might that be? It is that right and privilege that truly empowers us to establish a government that functions "with the consent of the governed." It is the vote.

Every able American citizen voting is more valuable than 100 protests marches expressing displeasure after the fact. If you voted not, your participation in any protest is a poor substitute for the real the real power with which you have been endued. Apathy during an election cannot be overcome by near anarchy after it.

WE THE PEOPLE ordained and established our Constitution and it is time that WE read it, study it, apply it. We must grow up, not expecting others to do our duty for us, then later lamenting their choices and actions,  but we must rather engage the system that was established for our own benefit.  We must do the true citizen work of pulling that lever or punching that card at election time.

Between elections, we must engage locally through community involvement in schools, places of worship and civic organizations as well as by individual, off the grid action like helping our neighbors or just doing something that needs to be done, whether or not it is  noticed beyond those we help.

We must also act by holding those accountable WE choose to represent us and to monitor as they serve US - our congressional and senatorial representatives.  If they fail to represent us effectively, there's a simple solution to repair the problem - vote! The ballot is the most powerful term limiter ever devised in the history of our Republic and our Constitution need not be amended one iota to establish those limits as soon as possible!  WE THE PEOPLE must  make the moves that, while less sensational, are powerfully more effective.

Want a slogan for the times ahead? I have one - EVERY AMERICAN! Every American must do their simplest duty consistently, thoughtfully and actually that this Republic might have some hope of thriving and enduring. If every American addresses the needs of their localities and takes personal steps to act, change will come. If every American pays attention to their representatives actions and enforces term limits with their votes, things might get a little bit better. If every American remembers that WE THE PEOPLE are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, perhaps there will be a ray of hope that government "of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, and for THE PEOPLE will not perish from the earth."

A message of love and concern to every American!

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