Thursday, March 31, 2016

Uplifted by our Friends

As we drove back to the home, I was washed over by a wave of sorrow and an avalanche of "why's?"  Although the visits had all been great, I ached for my father. The memories of SSG Sam Jackson full of late 20's vigor and strength, a man who had no vices and though not perfect,  provided the best example of manhood a boy could ever hope for, was besieged by his own mind.  Dementia had limited his mind and expressions while his kidneys were sapping him of the physical strength needed to fight for even the slightest remnant of his own self.

I just felt sad. I didn't let Luz know exactly what I felt, but I could see concern in her face for the emotion that was raging through my soul and visible to the one who knows me so well. She suggested that we buy Dad a few treats. After picking up some of Dad's favorites,  we arrived at the home. Heavy-hearted, I  decided to haul the goodies in before we went in to see Dad.

As we headed down towards Dad's room, there was a man seated in the hallway.  It was Dad! This time, I didn't have to announce who I was! Dad grinned, grabbed me, and yanked down with such force, he almost flipped me over his chair! He was overjoyed to see Luz and Victoria. Seeing the goodies, Dad indicated that he wanted some, eating two servings of his favorite pudding!  Victoria then serenaded Dad with violin music as we were updated on his marvelous condition, including his strong apetite and extremely pleasant demeanor.  His condition is actually better than it was a year ago!

I couldn't help bit think of all of the friends and loved ones lifting Dad up and prayer! We receive Numerous messages weekly from friends reminding us of their prayers on Dad's behalf.  They are obviously being heard! Dad's strength is up. His apetite is solid and he is truly content and demonstrating real peace of mind and soul.

As somone dedicated and disciplined to pray for others,  it is such a blessing to experience the power of prayer from others! Thank you all for the encouragement and love.  It's been strong enough to impact Dad and to uplift me!

Grace, mercy and peace to you all!

Your Brother,

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Monika k said...

Praying for your father and for you too dear Brother.may God bless you!