Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Day Is Not Enough!

Today is International Women’s Day.  A day is inadequate to duly honor half of the human population and borders on insulting considering the immense responsibilities they shoulder for the entirety of humanity, often under duress, pain and extreme challenge.  Nevertheless, a day can be useful in helping the rest of us to reflect on how to honor women not only on this day, but every minute of every other day we experience.

We can honor women by respecting them as our co-laborers on this planet, honoring their gifts, talents and abilities – encouraging and empowering them to reach as high as they can dream and as far as they desire to journey.  We can honor women in our speech, refusing to reward industries that promote misogyny and disrespect and punishing those who seek to abuse or enslave.

We can honor women by training the sons of the rising generations to value, respect and encourage their sisters, seeing them not as threats to their desired achievements, but as absolutely indispensable partners in the enterprise of life, without whom life itself would not be possible.

A day is not enough to honor the women of the world.  Spending a day committing ourselves anew to honor women daily, however, is a good start!

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