Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Series of Hard Goodbyes

Bidding Dad farewell was as difficult as saying hello. We did a conference call and Luz and the girls greeted him and sang for him. He didn't say anything but I was fortunate in being present so that I could watch his facial expressions show his enjoyment. It's now the key to knowing whether or not he's engaged with a situation and he was indeed engaged in their greetings and songs. It has been a blessing to see him, but this visit has made it clear to me that my heart must find fulfillment in the giving not in the receiving. It's only right as I recount years of his modeling fatherhood, manhood and humanity in front of my eyes and provided for us while he served the nation at great personal cost: the sacrifice of his body and mind. My mom also shaped by her sacrifices for me as she modeled an amazing faith literally to her last breath. Unfortunately, I never really got the chance to express thanks, say goodbye or to serve her as she served me. Therefore, I count this time with Dad as a precious opportunity to quietly do for him what he has done for me and countless others, knowing I can never receive in return what I give. That's the way Jesus calls us to serve - because of love; because we're his; Especially when it seems to be a one way enterprise. What a blessing it is to love not because you'll feel the love but just because. Keeping Dad close to my heart until I see him again!

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