Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tears In a Bottle

Humans grieve. There are times when are sorrows are of such weight and the emotional burdens of life so great that the only helpful response is to let the tars flow. This response is often contrarian to the “deal with it and drive on” culture some of us place upon ourselves. Perhaps we are driven to such denial because we feel as if our tears don’t really matter to anyone. This morning, I read words from the Psalmist that brought a wave of comfort to my soul as I contemplated moments in my life where I was burdened to the point of tears. Psalm 56:8 says, You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book? Mighty King David, a warrior without peer, cried real tears and was assured in the depths of his soul that his tears mattered to God and that God was so concerned for him that his tears were kept on record. In some cultures, people store the tears of their most painful moments – and sometimes, keep tears literally in store for friends – so that the importance of standing with someone in times of grief is never forgotten and the duty of standing with friends in times of trouble is never unfulfilled. The Scripture commands those who desire to walk in the light to be aware of the trouble of those around us, mourning with those who mourn. When we feel alone, Psalm 56:8 reminds us that God is with us and cares so much, He keeps a record of the very tears we shed – we are that important to Him. If you become aware of another’s grief and trouble, don’t let them walk alone! Stand with them and assure them that someone cares! If you are grieving and feel alone, remember God loves you and cares – so much so, that He’s keeping a record of the trouble you’re facing and promises that your pain and grief will be comforted. So knowing that God cares and that we should care for each other, let’s seize today’s opportunities to bear one another’s burdens that we all might be able to experience a little joy!

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