Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Butterflies and Bats

As the day of our departure for the Philippines quickly approaches, the butterflies in the pit of my stomach seem to be transforming into bats as the excitement and the anticipation of our journey build!  As we prepare for such missions, I always reflect on the “why?” Why do we go? What difference does it make? 

Three themes from 1 Corinthians 5 come to mind when I consider our reasoning for engaging ourselves in such a journey.

1.       God’s love compels us!  I am a wealthy benefactor of the love of God, having received His forgiveness, experienced His goodness and am blessed to be called to live out His righteousness. Having experienced God’s sweet and abundant love, I am driven to reach out to others so that they too may be blessed to know the love of God as I have.
2.       I am a new creation in Christ, called to live for others, not myself!  As someone who has been richly blessed by God’s goodness, I am called to live for Christ by serving others.  My Christian walk is not just an opportunity for me to be blessed, it is a responsibility that calls me to seek out others in need spiritually and materially so that they may know the love of God in their own lives. 
3.       Because God is in the reconciliation business, He has called me, as His follower, to be a life-long reconciler, seeking to always live as an ambassador for Christ.  My life needs to be characterized by a continuous desire to be a person of peace, called to preach the Message of peace wherever I go, and whatever I do. 

Our 2-week trip to the Philippines gives our team opportunities to be the righteousness of God by being obedient in reaching out to others in His Name.  We will serve, equipped with goods of temporal value and a Message of eternal value.  We will do the work of God not as the proud and the mighty seeking a conquest, but as the forgiven and the humble – people who depend on God, and who have been called to make His love known by acts of service and love with our eyes fixed on Jesus and hearts fixed on helping all those we can who are in need as fellow sojourners on the journey we call life. 

When I consider all that God has done for me, I can only respond by sharing with others.  Please pray for us as we seek to be salt and light and to live out the Gospel we proclaim to others.  I look forward to sharing the highlights of our journey, as we soldier on in love for Jesus’ sake over the next two weeks! Please keep us in mind and keep us in prayer as we go to do God’s work, butterflies, bats and all!

Your Friend and Brother,
Sam Jackson

Angelstone-Grace-YWAM Mission Philippines 2014

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