Saturday, November 3, 2012

They Say It's My Birthday!

Each birthday is an opportunity to reflect and be thankful. As I thank the Lord for the 49 years I have thus far been blessed to experience, I cannot help but think of those who in selflessly serving the nation, their families and communities have not lived to see even half of the life span I have been blessed to enjoy. I cannot help but recall that I have been blessed with goodness beyond my deserving and privileges that have endowed me with opportunities that were unthinkable and unreachable for many of my ancestors. I cannot help but smile when I remember all of the friends who have encouraged and supported me in every circumstance of life and stood by me in times of joy, sorrow, trial and triumph. I cannot help but beam with satisfaction when I think about my Luz, Coco, Maris, Joana and Victoria; my Grandson Jack-Jack and my sons-in-law Mike and Steve who have given me the big and growing family for which I always longed as an only child. I cannot help but rejoice for the Amazing Grace God extended to me in my need and sealing me as His child. My life has certainly been charmed. I don’t know how many years lie ahead for me, but it is my aim to live them in all in service to the Lord and others, as long as He allows my body and mind to carry out the mission He has appointed for me. Thank you all for your love and friendship. May God bless each of us and empower us to live in ways that inspire, encourage and bless all with whom we come in contact! It’s great to be alive! Thank You, Lord, for another birthday! Until next time…


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