Monday, November 5, 2012

The Candle Lighting Platform

In the United States, the home stretch of an extremely acrimonious and contentious political racing season is upon us. A night’s sleep separates us from the most cherished of all of the rights of a free people: the right to choose their representative leaders. As levers are pulled, ovals are filled, buttons are pushed and in some locations ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, faxes and e-mails are submitted, we will all wait with at least a bit of anxiety as the votes are tallied and leaders for the next terms of service are selected for public office.

Once the numbers are counted, we will eventually know who our leaders are and we will prepare for the amazing process of peacefully honoring the will of the people as the elected ones prepare to take their places at the helms of service to the nation. It is my hope that once the results are known and this process begins, “We the People” will cease the hyperbolic and sometimes outrageous rhetoric characteristic of the past 11 months and begin to apply ourselves anew to the grassroots work of responsible citizenship.

What amazing results might be achieved if we don’t merely ask “what can be done for the country” but actually engaged ourselves in attempting to do something to directly address challenges we see around us? What transformations might be seen in the nation and the communities of which it is comprised if this government “…of the people, by the people, for the people…” was most clearly seen in citizens themselves engaging the problems they encounter everyday with direct, down home involvement that confronts problems that stubbornly escape the notice and reach of hugely burdened bureaucracies and agencies? What might happen if our fervor in reaching out to address the needs we see immediately around us, matched the volume with which we often complain about what’s not being done? Though it’s true that we wouldn’t see Utopia or heaven on earth, it’s equally true that we would certainly witness changed lives and differences made as darkness cursing was widely replaced by candle lighting.

With those thoughts in mind, my fellow US Citizens, go out and vote according to your convictions. Joyfully cast your ballot and exercise the precious right with which we are blessed – a right which has been defended at a cost that has caused no small number of people to sacrifice their own access to the blessings of liberty. Not only this, but once the ballots have been counted and winners begin to emerge, respect the stated will of the people, honoring those who are elected with the honor they are due as office holders. Also, honor your own responsibilities as the citizen of a free country by using your God-given gifts, talents and abilities for the good of the nation and the blessing of others. Use your working hands as much as your running mouths to bring about the change you long to see. We the People have these responsibilities. Let us take hold of them with enthusiasm, humility and persistence that our nation and this miracle that is known as the United States of America might long endure. God bless us all. Until next time…


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