Friday, July 27, 2018

Addressing Differences of Conviction On Women In Ministry Leadership

I don't unreservedly know the specific answers to mall of the questions posed regarding the definitive biblical declaration on women in positions of leadership in ministry, but whatever one's theological position on the matter - and I know, love and respect many holding views across the theological spectrum - I believe a few elements are indisputable:

Love must lead one's attitude. Humility must guide one's responses. Grace must abound in one's consideration of the viewpoints of others. 

What has become clear to me after investigating the investigations of numerous scholars holding different views with respect to women in church leadership is this: the answers are not crystal clear and there is much room for consideration. I believe it is possible for us to have different views , held with conviction, yet to simultaneously and graciously encourage and support others who hold Scripture in equally high esteem, yet arrive at different conclusions. 

I am further convinced that if the Acts 1:8 Great Commission is truly our battle cry, we need more soldiers in the service. This need is recognized in the church in almost every tradition and location. The reality of our practice across church traditions affirms that when it comes to taking the Gospel to the nations, we don't mind sending women to lead the way where no one else wants to go. We need to ask ourselves, what makes us withdraw those invitations for the places we'd like to stay.

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