Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Enduring Glimpse of Unity

Today, my Army Brat life caught up with me and left me with a difficult choice. Three dear families called for my presence at huge celebrations honoring togetherness,  friendship and persevering love. The celebrations were geographically distant from each other, giving me no possibility of appearing at all of them.

I love Hanau American High School,  Westover Senior High and the Racine Fil-Am community! My decision was made for me and, in Army fashion, based on seniority. I have been a part of the Hanau American High School family for the longest time and other business called for me to already be in the city in which its festivities were held, so to the reunion Luz and I went.

It was a wonderful event, filled with laughter, tears and the kinds of warmth deep and abiding friendships bring. It was also a reminder of a very special time in my personal history when I was blessed to live in a truly racially reconciled community. Friendships,  courtship, tensions and struggles were not based on race but truly made  according to one's character.  What side of the cafeteria did kids sit on? The same side as their rainbow of friends who just hung out because they wanted to!

The buildings that housed our community have largely been destroyed, yet the bond of unity that was forged during the era known as the Cold War endures. I regret that the rest of the nation cannot enjoy the unity our parents' duty created for us to experience.  If only America could glean the sweetness of togetherness that it dreams of, yet for us remains a reality.

To my Hanau American High School family,  how sweet it is to be loved by you! To the families that I  have since joined and who hold equally dear places in my heart,  I've got plenty of love left to share and look forward to passing it on in the days and years to come!

Your Brother,
Sam Jackson
Hanau American High School Class of 1981

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