Thursday, June 23, 2016

Black is Beautiful!

Black is beautiful!  Not a revolutionary declaration,  but an affirmation of value and worth that all people possess as creatures of the Living God! I was able to proclaim a message of Hope 2 days ago to an Aeta Chieftan who leads a tribe of aboriginal Filipinos.  When I shared that I have always been eager to visit an Aeta village because of our similarity in appearance and skin tone,  he matter of factly retorted,  "That's unfortunate,  because we're ugly." I was stunned, but blessed to share with him that my people, for a time, were  similarly misinformed,  but by God's grace have learned that while all have sinned and fall short of God's glory, yet in His sight, all are precious and beautiful for all reflect His handcrafted image! I gently replied, "No Sir. Black is beautiful and YOU are beautiful!" I'm  not certain he was convinced,  but it started some reflection. What a privilege to encourage, help and learn from others!  There's more to share about our visit to this tribe and other work as well!

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