Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Would You STILL Have Loved Me, Given Other Choices?"

How Do I Answer My Love?

Why do wives like to ask deadly hypothetical questions like this: "So Honey, let's say a year before you met me, you met a very godly, talented and sweet woman who loves the Lord, & she falls in love with you and she looks exactly like Halle Berry, with the Lord saying 'There's a woman named Luz whose appearance is a mystery but she'd be a very good fit for you and you will soon meet her...' what would you have done?" As she sweetly smiles and enthusiastically adds, "Be honest!" And how would you answer such a question? There are definitely right and wrong answers to this! I posted the question through social media and received many insightful responses as well as some humorous ones! Here’s how I ultimately answered the question from my perspective:

I appreciate the vast reservoir of knowledge that has been made available to me in response to my presentation of a question of significant consequence from my dear Luz.  Though the wisdom shared has been deep and wide, the best answer to such a question can only be found in the recesses of the heart of the one to whom the question was presented.  How do I respond to my beloved asking me if I could have given my heart to another, when I possess an irrevocable conviction that God ordained our union? I respond with all the love and commitment that I possess.   I assure her that though many wonderful, beautiful, capable, and amazing women crossed my path in my years of singleness - some of whom may have been exceptional life partners had the Lord allowed such a relationship - only she held the key to the combination that unlocked the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.  Only she had the pin that released the code that ignited the flames of my heart in to a level of holy passion that consumed and continues to consume me body, mind and soul.  Only she, Maria-Luz Roda Bautista is the woman for me.  There are many wonderful women in this world, but only Luz holds my heart in her hands, owns my will at her command, and has the singular and exclusive covenant that identifies me as her until the Lord calls us home.  I offer this verse from the Grass Roots to my Luz, “I’d wait a million years, walk a million miles, cry a million tears!  I’d swim the deepest sea, climb the highest hill, just to have you near me!”  I am hers and she is mine – my one and only Luz! 

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Diwakar said...

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