Saturday, September 27, 2014

R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! Find Out What It Means To Me!!!

I prefer not to post rants, but as the husband of one wife and the father of 4 daughters, the display of uncouth verbiage mentioned in the posted article to follow irritated a nerve that's been repeatedly touched over a course of years and I must release my angst. With all of the "political correctness" that characterizes our culture, we have lost our grip on basic respect, decorum & appropriateness. Our true sense of decency is most clearly seen in our professional comedic humor and musical entertainment, which know no bounds in their disrespect and vulgarity, especially in the area of sexual behavior and especially towards women. How can chivalry and respect for each other's abilities be maintained when our "after hours" humor and songs betray the basest level of disdain, contempt and disrespect for women? Even in the face of amazing accomplishments, the disrespect men are showing for women in the name of "fun" has only worsened as the broadcaster in question has displayed in his idiotic comments. This cannot be allowed to continue without condemnation. One day, I will depart this mortal life and leave behind at least 5 incredible women and perhaps future granddaughters as well. I never want Luz Bautista Jackson, Sittie Jackson-Cohodes, J Maris Bautista-Jackson Wallag, Joana Jackson, Victoria Jackson, other future descendants, the many outstanding women or the real men it has been my honor to know wondering where I stand.

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