Friday, August 29, 2014


My brother in faith Glenn Sterrett got me to thinking about qualifications for leadership and service this morning. We often hear people say, "God doesn't call the qualified but qualifies the called." I contend that a more careful analysis of those called shows that God, Who knows the hearts of people, knows true qualifications for leadership and service that others may have overlooked. Let's take David, the shepherd boy for instance. David didn't have combat experience with humans so Goliath and everyone else ASSUMED David was inexperienced. Here's the citation no one bothered to read: "PFC David engaged a lion in hand to hand combat, retrieving a lamb from said lion's mouth, then grabbing the lion by the mane and slaying it with his knife. In like fashion, PFC David subdued a bear with small arms, expertly employing his sling shot to fell the animal. On numerous other occasions, PFC David distinguished himself in combat service, at great personal risk, protecting his flock and vital assets to the Kingdom from deadly predators. PFC David brings great credit to himself, his Kingdom and his God." If Goliath and the others had read this commendation, and understood the Power behind David's experience, they all might have considered a rather different outcome. God had actually highly qualified David in experience and character, He just used a different school system. I contend that The Lord generally doesn't call unqualified people, especially with respect to character and faith. He just may have trained and prepared them for the call in a way that has not been widely observed. It is the responsibility of those choosing spiritual leaders to do extra careful work, making sure not to impute character qualifications on highly educated yet spiritually unqualified persons while not overlooking folks of stellar character and high leadership ability who may have been prepared in a manner off of the beaten path. Is there anyone you've underestimated today?

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