Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over!!

Our cup of celebration runs to overflowing in December! Victoria has a birthday, Joana has a birthday, our son-in-law Mike has a birthday, our grandson Jack-Jack has a birthday and of course, there’s the glorious celebration of Christ's birth at Christmas! But, with the exception of Christmas, I wouldn’t be celebrating any of these special days were it not for the event that took place on a sweltering Manila afternoon, on December 20, 1989! It was on that glorious day, twenty-four years ago, that Luz Bautista and I began our journey together as husband and wife! Each year, we grow richer as our deposits in the bank of memories mount and our blessings increase. The memories are at times a recounting of challenges and struggles, yet even those recollections provide us with the sweet collateral of time spent together to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Of course, we also recount good times we've spent laughing and loving, watching our family grow and just counting our many blessings! It is with a heart full of gratitude for these blessings that I thank my Luz for loving me and walking alongside me as my friend, partner and true soulmate for 24 years! It is my prayer and deepest hope that the Lord will allow us to enjoy many, many more years together, depositing countless added riches to our bank of love! Thank you family, brothers, sisters and friends for being a special part of our treasure trove of blessing! God is good! With gratitude and love, Sam

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