Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Danger lurks, but opportunity knocks!

It is reported that Douglas MacArthur once said, “There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.” The uncertainties of life and the resulting lack of security often paralyze the faint of heart and render them useless. The daily risk of stepping out into the unknown can produce disabling fears which must be overcome by the knowledge that God is in control. The knowledge of God’s sovereign presence should comfort and liberate all people who love Him to enter the fray day after day to do His will by loving and serving with every all their strength and every available resource. This is more easily spoken than carried out.

As I consider my years in ministerial service, almost every meaningful act has cost me something. I have been hurt; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have been disappointed, let down, abandoned, turned on and attacked. I have begun days seeing only great possibilities for making a difference just to see the end of those same days leaving me feeling hollow, beaten and cynical. Nevertheless, the call beckons me to get up, mount up and ride on as a new day dawns.
Jesus warned us that as sojourners in this world, we would definitely encounter tribulation. James informs us in the Scriptures that trials in life are a certainty. Nevertheless, we are encouraged to remember that Jesus has overcome the troubles of the world and that our trials mature and refine us in character and inner strength. For those reasons, we cannot let the fear of what could happen to us because of a lack of security prevent us from pursuing what good can be done by us in a day filled with unending opportunity. We must confront the dangers of the day courageously with loving action. We have a never-ending call to seize the day and do some good! We may go down, but we must make sure we go down swinging; fighting for what is beautiful, truthful and good. The call has been issued! Opportunity knocks! See you on the battlefield! Until next time...

Sam J.

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Donna Schultz said...

Love this, Sam. Thank you.