Monday, December 19, 2011

New Blog Post Faith In Living Color - 22 years of Friendship

On a hot December afternoon at the Balut Base of Youth With a Mission, Philippines, I expressed my love and devotion for Maria-Luz Bautista de Jackson y Roda to the entire world and took her to be my lawfully wedded wife. The emotions of the day are powerfully etched in my mind, though some of the details are blurred together as the enormity of the commitment I was making blended events, sights and sounds into a giant collage that makes details difficult to distinguish years later. Nevertheless, I clearly remember the beauty of my bride, the innocence of my children and my eagerness to live with and love my new family for as long as the Lord allowed me to live.

The 22 years that have followed have been sweet and blessed. Of course, we as a family have experienced the full span of human drama and challenge that life in this world brings. Nevertheless, we have seen the faithfulness of the Lord in every circumstance and trial and count ourselves blessed to have experienced much deliverance and mercy through the hands of our friends. It is in the context of community that our marriage has been able to grow, mature and endure. We are not islands unto ourselves neither as individuals nor as families. We need friends and loved ones to encourage us, to rally us and to lift us up so that we can face life’s challenges with confidence and courage.

It is for that reason as Luz and I celebrate 22 years of marriage, we want to especially celebrate your friendship us. We thank you for standing with us, standing for us, and cheering us on as our family continues to grow and as we press on in the service of the Lord. We give God the glory and praise for 22 years of marriage and we salute you for helping to make such a celebration possible through your love! We prayerfully look forward to more years of walking with you and glorifying God together in all of life’s celebrations and challenges! What would we do without you! Thank you for being our friends! Until next time….