Saturday, July 10, 2010

Caught In The Act!

Since the early days of my vocational Christian training and service, I have heard the warnings surrounding the many pitfalls that can lead to ministerial misconduct. Throughout my ministerial service, I have witnessed a few colleagues succumb to various temptations related to these pitfalls, leaving a trail of broken trust, broken hearts and broken lives behind them. In most cases, the revelations came by way of being “caught in the act” of doing something contrary to their calling. Fortunately, the bulk of my ministry experience has not been comprised of these types of happenings. In fact, I as have reflected on my life of ministry, I’ve been reminded of the many times I have stumbled upon a situation where I have actually caught someone in the act of carrying out a beautiful example of ministry service that before my unintentional intrusion was known only to them and a few others or only to them and the Lord.

During the last few months, as I have kept my eyes open, I have had the blessing of stumbling across a brother on his knees in fervent prayer in a hideaway out of view from the general public. I have witnessed sisters in prayer on a Saturday morning, walking throughout the church, asking for the Lord’s blessing for the day of ministry ahead. I also have knowledge of a Sister physically on her face before God praying during a critical time of decision for a major church ministry. I have seen a preacher washing dishes during a meeting while another brother taught, not calling attention to himself and only appearing as the crowd was heading home. In another instance I witnessed someone assisting in the kitchen so that the kitchen crew for the next day could have a head start on their duties. I’ve beheld sisters gifted in administration doing heavy lifting in the middle of their busy days to expedite set up for a big ministry outreach, people visiting infirmed friends out of the view of others. I’ve also been shown cards and letters written, heard the impact of phone calls of encouragement, and heard the testimony of the power of a hug, or even a quiet smile and warm greeting – all delivered off-line and all done for nothing more than the blessing of others and the glory of God.

In these days where scandals get so much attention, let’s not forget to praise the Lord for those faithful servants who consistently and faithfully carry out their Christian duty out of glow of the lights. After all, these are the kind of people who don’t need lights or glory, for the glory of God shines through every act of service they do. Let’s be like them and let our lights so shine before people “…that they may see [our] good deeds and praise [our] Father in heaven” (Paraphrase of Matthew 5:14).

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JFX said...

Wow, Sam that was awesome. The good news is usually overshadowed by the bad, but it will all be brought to light someday. Powerful, thnx