Thursday, August 16, 2007

VBS - The Church at its Best!!

This past week, our church spent every afternoon ministering to about 45 children per night through our Vacation Bible School Program we call Kids Adventure Week. This ministry was coordinated by our amazing children's ministry leader, Nelda, and a platoon of dedicated members who extended hard days of work into the twilight hours by serving children, interacting with their parents and teaching them about Jesus.

What made this year special is that several of our members are in seasons of personal challenge. They are dealing with issues like terminally ill parents, uncertain job futures, chronically ill spouses, their own chronic illnesses, and a host of other life challenges that would send many people into a downward spiral of despair. Thes members, however, proved their belief in Jesus' ability to carry their burdens, their church families willingness to share their burdens and their hearts readiness to put the needs of others first.

It was truly spectacular to see brothers and sisters in the Lord in the midst of their own problems taking up the slack when others had to take a day or two to care for pressing personal needs. It was was even sweeter to the others returning the favor when those who had served for them needed respite. It was a true manifestation fo the Body of Christ at its best!

When I think of the bottom line of how church should be, I believe this week sums it up for me -God's people, in the midst of their own problems, leaning on Jesus and living out His love everyday to the surrounding community and also to one another. That's true Christianity!

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